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Hi. If you've landed on this page, then you're obviously looking to find out more about me. I'll be honest - about me pages are hard. Different people want to know different things. Some want to know about you as a person and some want to know about you as a photographer. So, after much thought I've decided the best way for you to find out if I'm the person you're looking for, is to see who I am according to the type of photography you are looking to have done. So I've divided this section into the types of photography I do, starting with the ones I specialize in - Newborn, Maternity, and Children, If I've missed anything and you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 519 276-0145 or patty@lasting-impressions.me



The photography I love the most!

I love newborns. I've been drawn to newborns all of my life. They are this amazing little bundle of raw innocence. Fresh and new to the world they offer only what they know - which is simple at this age - what they're feeling and what they physically need. The fact that this is such a fleeting moment that will never happen again captivates me into wanting to document every little thing about them.

I am committed to capturing the best photos of these little ones as possible, I have invested everything I can into it. I am continually educating myself in this area - buying equipment to properly photograph them - making tiny little clothes and choosing props and wraps to make gorgeous images of your beautiful little baby.

Because these tiny little humans depend on us for everything, they need someone who will care for them in every way possible. When you entrust your baby to me, I am the person that ensures they stay safe while capturing beautiful images of them. Aside from being blessed with a love for babies and having natural instincts kick in, I have taken safety courses and learned about your little one. What is safe to do, what isn't, ways to get a shot that looks amazing, but at no time put baby in danger.

Parents who come to me feel relaxed, socialize, snack on studio goodies and drinks, browse their phones on studio wifi and some have even grabbed a quick nap. Because being a newborn parent is exhausting and you deserve a break too!

This is who I am with babies (and their parents) - and I would love to meet you and photograph your newest edition. I invite everyone to check out my studio prior to booking to make sure everything 'feels right' here and with me. So get in touch and lets make some beautiful memories!

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Bringing Life into the World is Beautiful!

We are at a time and age when women can be proud of their pregnant bodies. You are about to bring the greatest gift possible into the world. And that's hard work ladies. Your body is going through so many changes. You won't always feel the best or feel like you look the best. But you ARE beautiful inside and out. And taking one day to pretty yourself up and adorn a beautiful gown - or just show off that beautiful baby bump in comfy clothes - that's your moment to shine. Because amid all the not so glamourous stuff women go through when they're pregnant - these photos will be proof that you glowed and you rocked that pregnancy!



I Love Working With Children!

It's often been said that you should never work with children or animals. But I love working with both. Much like newborns, I love the raw innocence of children. The difference between the two, however, is that unlike newborns, children have developed strong personalities. Sometimes spunky, sometimes shy, sometimes a nice mix of the two. They don't come with what is often referred to in this world as a 'filter'. But I love that. Because you know that what they're saying or doing is truthful and real. Even if it isn't always kind or co-operative, they're calling it like they see it. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. It lets me see the world through their young eyes and reminds me that life is wonderful when you don't have the weight of the world on your shoulders like most of us adults do. And capturing that adventurous soul and look of awe in their actions and expressions makes me smile and laugh and oh so happy. So yeah, many people tell me I'm crazy, but I love working with children! 

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